Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tulsa Workshop: Day 1

It has been a couple of years since we were last here at the Tulsa International Soul Winning Workshop. So here are some notable things we did/saw/heard.

Saw John W. Smith

Talked with Jon Smith at the SIBI booth – He is new at a church in North Carolina, Told me about the lawn-mower race track in the town where he is now preaching- yes it is in the south – deep south.

Visited with friends Ben & Jackie Merenes, who are now working with Eastern European Missions.

Bought a book: Praise Hymnal – so we can have some contemporary praise songs with notes.

Looked at “Christian Camo” apparel – as if Christians need to blend in and hide among our communities more. (By-the-way Billy, you can get a Christian Camo Hand Gun or Rifle Carrying Case. Wrap your mind around that notion.)

Went to the Mall – shopping and to get something to eat.

Went back to the Schroeder’s (our good friends and class-mate from Sunset, with whom we are staying) to take a nap before dinner.

Fed a Donkey.

Heard Patrick Mead & His Son-In-Law, Josh Graves speak on; “Praying with Courage.”

Noteable Quotes:

“I believe Jesus was a Pacifist” – Josh Graves
“But his Daddy Wasn’t!” – Patrick Mead

“Jesus didn’t call us to take up your comfortable chairs and follow me.” – Patrick Mead

“Some churches need to change their sign to read, “The Church of Keeping the ‘Smiths’ Happy for 37 years.”- Patrick Mead

Patrick Mead is a funny little Scotsman - who reminded us that following Christ takes real courage.