Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finding Our Way

Moving to a new place is always a difficult thing. While it holds the promise and adventure of new friends, new possibilities, and fresh starts, new places also carry with them the burden of the unkown. That is why friends are so important. Not just the friends we are meeting here, but the friends we have made before coming to this new place. We still keep in touch with friends we have made in California, Missouri, Texas, New Jersey, and Phoenix, AZ. All these friends and others we have made along the way have helped and continue to help us find our way. Ministry can be very tough and frustrating. I don't think I have ever come as close to quitting full-time ministry as I did while in Phoenix. I am especially thankful for Dave & Katie and Billy & Ashley for your encouragement - even when we all shared the same frustrations - that making (in Dave's words) God famous was most important. I want to thank many others, Jeff & Susan, Alex & Laura, Aaron & Suzanne, Josh & Kendra, and many others, for your friendship and encouragement that has helped us continue to find our way in the purpose that God has given us. Without frienships that are rooted in a common spiritual truth, life would be unbearable. We do miss you; facebook is some consolation - but just barely.

And thankyou all for your generous and thoughtful gift of a Tom-Tom GPS unit. We would be lost here in others ways without it.

We love you all.